Selena Gomez stalker, charges dismissed!

Selena Gomez continues to live looking over her shoulder…

The man accused of stalking Selena Gomez admitted that the Disney starlet needs to be protected from him.

Thomas Brodnicki, who previously said that he had conversations with God about killing the 19 year old, submitted a sworn declaration stating, “I believe that a restraining order should be issued against me to prevent me from trying to contact Selena Gomez,” TMZ reported Wednesday.

A felony stalking charge against the 46 year old was dismissed by a Los Angeles judge last month due to a lack of evidence to prove that Brodnicki would carry out his threats against the actress and singer. Gomez then applied for a permanent restraining order, but the judge in the case refused to issue it until Brodnicki appears in court Jan. 6 to defend himself.

Brodnicki, who has a criminal history of stalking, does not want to attend the hearing and submitted the declaration to support Gomez’s claim.


“I do not wish to object to the restraining order against me because I know it is the only thing that will make me stay away from Selena,” he added in the declaration.


Audrina Patridge’s Stalker gets 2 years in prison!

Audrina Patridge’s Stalker — Prison Bound

Audrina Patridge‘s stalker was just sentenced to two years in prison — but dude could be released

Zachary Loring — who was arrested outside of Audrina’s home earlier this year — pled no contest to felony stalking in June … but was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if he should be sent to prison or a mental institution.

The judge ended up sentencing Loring to two years in prison today — but the guy was given credit for 546 days already served in custody (including credit for good behavior).

That means Loring could be free by the beginning of next year — but he was ordered by the judge to stay 500 yards away from Audrina for the next 10 years.

Lopez, a Victim of a Mastermind!


TMZ stated recently that Maria Von Ritchie Lopez is still being harassed by her restrained stalker, Adriana Fajardo Garcia via a mystery man.

A friend close to Lopez stated to the associated press that she has been receiving threatening phone calls from an unidentified caller claiming to have knowledge of Adriana Fajardo’s stalking order and threatening the lives of Maria’s children.

The stalking order which was issued from the Jackson County Court in Medford, Oregon is for an unlimited duration for the protection of Maria and her two small children.


In September of 2011 Maria Von Ritchie Lopez had to go before a court once more to restrain yet another stalker.

Maria Von Ritchie Lopez

The womans name is, Dawna L. Vance (Kane) of Medford, Oregon. Former owner of Hispanic Solutions Source which was shut down after fraudulent bankruptcies were filed.

Dawna Vance was also the employer at one time

of Adriana Fajardo, Lopez’s “other” stalker. After Fajardo could no longer stalk Lopez court records show that “friend” and “former employer” Vance, started stalking Lopez to intimidate, harrass and also gather information for Fajardo.  Lopez also stated that Vance contacted her via telephone also claiming at one point to be a lawyer calling on behalf of Fajardo in an attempt to gather more information. According to the ABA Vance is not and never has been a lawyer. An Oregon judge heard testimony from both Lopez and Vance and the stalking order was ruled in favor of Lopez protecting her as well as her two small children.

Madonna and Halle Berry stalker escapes captivity

A MAN convicted of stalking Madonna in 1996 who has “very violent tendencies” has escaped from a  psychiatric hospital and is crazy!

Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, who once scaled a wall at the pop star’s Hollywood home and threatened to cut her throat, walked out of hospital last Friday, a Los Angeles police spokesman said today.



And he has now reportedly set his sights on Hollywood star Halle Berry, 45, who, according to reports, is planning to flee the US to France with boyfriend Olivier Martinez and daughter Nahla.


A source said: “Friends are scared for her life because Robert Hoskins wants to kill her.”


Police in Los Angeles have started a manhunt for Hoskins, who they describe as “violent and psychotic”.


The LAPD statement said: “Hoskins is a very psychotic man when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies.”

 He was jailed for 10 years in 1996, and after his release was transferred to a hospital and established to be a “mentally disturbed offender,” according to police.

Last July — about a year after his release from that hospital — he was arrested again and sent to the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, southeast of Los Angeles.

Madonna testified at Hoskins’ trial in 1996 that she had recurring nightmares since seeing the homeless drifter near her home in April 1995

She said her bodyguard told of Hoskins claiming “he was there to take me away … that I was supposed to be his wife, that if he couldn’t have me, he was going to slice my throat from ear to ear”.

Hoskins returned to her Hollywood Hills estate the following month, at a time when the singer was in Florida, scaled the perimeter wall and jumped into her pool before being shot twice by a guard ya what a psycho!